About Dr. Parag Agarwal

About Dr. Parag Agarwal

Dr. Parag Agarwal is one of the leading neurosurgeons in west Bengal. He had excelled throughout his career. He did his MBBS and Master of Surgery (M.S.) in general surgery from I.P.G.M.E.R., Kolkata. He did his MCh in neurosurgery from Kolkata with outstanding result.

During his training he came in contact with a number of renowned neurosurgeons and learnt different facets of neurosurgery from them. He has been a part of in several conference and workshops. He has publications in several international and national journals like Indian Journal of Neurosurg and IndianJournal of Neurotrauma.

Currently, he is consultant Neurosurgeon in North Bengal Neuro Center, Siliguri. Apart from his professional activities, he is into several social benevolent activities and sports. Although increasing commitment in profession is reducing his involvement in these activities, he involves himself, whenever he can make time.

Apart from his special interest in minimally invasive and complex brain and spine surgeries. He has experience in performing wide variety of brain and spine trauma and tumor cases. He is also well versed with performing variety of pediatric neurosurgical cases, Endoscopic brain and spine procedures and Peripheral Nerve Surgery.

Affiliations and memberships

Dr. Parag Agarwal is a member of American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Association of Neuroscientists of Eastern India and Neurological Society Of India.


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